Brad Pitt and Sat Hari’s Cashmere Line Came to Them in a Dream

Pitt—who has made waves recently for his more daring style choices—agrees that fashion shouldn’t be bound by gender. “I say just wear what makes you feel good,” he says. “Wear what’s fun, do it, and get on with it!” Stepping into the design process has been a fun learning experience for him, as well as for Hari. “The color combinations are endless,” says Pitt. “Sometimes we’ll argue—I’m a tomato red, she’s a cherry red.” 

Given Hari is a holistic healer and the jewelry designer of Amrit, she also wanted to infuse the collection with ornamental details that are focused on wellness. All the shirts, for instance, have 11 snaps—seven down the front, and four on the pocket and cuffs—that are made of gemstones hand-carved in India. “We have seven chakras in our body,” says Hari, “so why not put seven down the front of the shirt, so that all of your chakras are activated?” Each shirt has different gemstones, but they include Tigers Eye, Moonstone, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Emerald, and more—all varying in different hues and representing different qualities including wealth, love, and wisdom. “She worked really hard on it—I didn’t,” Pitt laughs. “She did all the heavy lifting.”

Photo: Courtesy of God’s True Cashmere

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