Blake Lively Wins Halloween With Must-See Pumpkin Creation

Blake Lively is officially the Queen of spooky season!

The Gossip Girl alum showed off her adult friendly pumpkin creation in an Instagram post on Oct. 28, proving that Halloween isn’t just for the kids with the help of the Betty Buzz mixers. “I fought. But the ice won. @bettybuzz,” she wrote. 

In the picture, the 34-year-old gives two thumbs up as she sits behind her handmade ice cooler. As if the picture wasn’t enough, the actress took to her stories with special instruction, so we all could get in on the fun.

“Very proud of my handiwork. Yes. Even the ice all over the table like an actual animal made this thing,” she wrote on her Instagram stories. In the next slide, Blake showed off her “‘STFU I know this is a bad idea, but I know what I’m doing anyway’ face,” as she began to carve away at the large pumpkin.

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