Black a.m Drops Sensational Grooving Track, ‘The Fault’

“The Fault,” is the final release from budding artist black a.m. The solo DJ/producer brings together a spacey feel to a house-focused style, making this track breed an extra edge. If the single finds it’s way into your go-to playlists, don’t be surprised. black a.m. isn’t like many other electronic artists out there, he’s willing to incorporate ‘unorthodox’ aspects into the standard live performance structure to bring something different to fans. He often plays live guitar during his set and releases, allowing a distinctive special feeling to shower down to listeners and leaving a lasting impression on those who cross his path.

From holding down a residency in Las Vegas, to playing sold out Insomniac events, black a.m. is getting more and more noticed for his fascinating intersection of music culture he’s created. He’s played hundreds of show in his life time, having plenty of experience to bring to live events when duty calls. He’s been signed to Ultra Records, supported by names like Cash Cash, JOYRYDE, and NGHTMRE, and show no sign of letting up as things continue to grow for this artist. “The Fault,” is one part of a greater whole that shouldn’t be missed.

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