Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Revanth and Faima get into a verbal spat; Srihan agrees to lose prize money for Sri Satya

The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 6 shows the continuation of the captaincy task. After the BB truck task, today Bigg Boss announced the second round of the captaincy task. The first three contenders to ring the buzzer would get a chance to participate in the task for eviction-free pass. task is about kicking a giant softball into their opponents’ goal posts while safeguarding their own posts, Revanth, Adi Reddy, Srihan and Faima grab attention with their aggression.

However, Adi Reddy choosed to not participate in the task and further justified his decision. This move of Adi Reddy will leave the inmates surprised. After a series of agreements, and disagreements, Adi Reddy, Srihan, Rohit, and Inaya were approved as the candidates contending for this week’s captaincy. Rohit takes place of Adi in the captaincy task. 

Srihan told to Sri Satya that he is willing to lose some amount from the prize money for her. During the task, Revanth and Faima get into an intense argument. He tells her to keep sarcasm to herself and if he does the same, she will end up crying. Rohith and Srihan get into verbal spat about the rules of task.

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