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Beyoncé and Rihanna — or, at least, their viral doppelgängers — are taking center stage for Vult’s newest campaign.

The influencer pair, Priscilla Beatrice and Juh Machado — who have been respectively mistaken for Rihanna and Beyoncé over the years — take center stage in the latest campaign for Brazilian cosmetics brand Vult, as seen on Instagram on Tuesday.

While promoting the brand’s newest SPF 90 powder, the pair meet in dark pink robes and metal hoop earrings backstage — as captured in a humorous new Instagram Reel.

Later in the clip, the pair transform into their celebrity alter egos. Machado wears a ruffled white blouse and flounced black sequined skirt, paired with heeled black sandals in the style of Beyoncé. Meanwhile, Beatrice pops in a monochrome pink outfit featuring a stretchy crop top and matching miniskirt, cropped puffer jacket and sharp knee-high boots — much like Rihanna.

Together, the pair create a bold duo that embodies their celebrity counterparts’ dynamic energy — which could even be seen in the clip’s black-and-white teaser Reel, released Monday.

Machado even shared another behind-the-scenes photo of the two, posing at a vanity in their matching robes during the Vult shoot.

Vult’s SPF powder launch follows its acquisition by the Brazilian company Grupo Boticário in 2018. Since its acquisition, Vult has launched numerous products at affordable price points, including its BB serum and Volume Up mascara.

The announcement also follows viral news regarding both real-life musicians this spring. Rihanna has declared her return to working with Puma, while Beyoncé collaborated with luxury brand Balmain to launch a couture collection — with each piece inspired by a track from her album “Renaissance.”

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