Best Short Sleeve Shirts for Men 2022: 25 Button-Ups That Go Long on Style

The best short sleeve shirts for men are imperative to surviving the summer in style. Nobody’s expecting you to freak it like Justin Bieber out here, so trust us when we say that getting fits off doesn’t require wearing the button-up equivalent of a sauna. Let the breeze in, show off your sick forearm tats, and don’t forget sunscreen. If you’re one of those strident long-sleeve shirt guys and just don’t know how to function in a short-sleeved society, it’s time to set aside your hang-ups. There are just too many dope short sleeve shirts out there to limit your sartorial range. Camp shirts, sultry silk shirts, vacay-to-the-Amalfi-coast-head-ass linen shirts—every cool long-sleeve shirt under the sizzling sun has a truncated version waiting for you with open, bare arms. So we picked out our favorites—the 25 very best short sleeve shirts for men—for you to button up ASAP.

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