Best heels for wide feet promising utter comfort with support


Oh you look disappointed! Possessing wide feet? Come on! It is not an uncommon or unusual thing to feel bad about. We know the struggle to find the best heels for wide feet is real. But everyone is unique and must carry their uniqueness in full swing and pride. Remember! Your flaws are beautiful and your soul is even prettier. There is nothing you should feel bad about. They rather help you to stand out from the crowd. If your wide feet are making you experience high levels of unconsciousness and embarrassments in public and allowing you to sacrifice your yearning footwear, stop it for once and all. We are here to help you with the best heels for wide feet.

These best heels for wide feet will promise utter comfort and support. What’s interesting? They will accompany you for a long time quite literally. You can stay in trend and amp up your OOTD like a true fashionista. We are sure that you must be feeling extremely tired hunting for the perfect match of your feet. Well, your frantic search ends today. Scroll down to check out everything about wide feet footwear, heels and lots more.

Women’s Shoe Width

A shoe width is the widest part of your feet. There are only a few brands that help you navigate with multiple shoe width measurements so that you can find the appropriate match to slide your feet in effortlessly. No strap marks and no shoebites. A shoe width is generally described with the help of a letter or group of letters. For instance, women’s feet width is usually ‘B’ on the other hand men’s shoe width is described as letter ‘D’. But we are here to help you understand the multiple types of shoe width in simpler terms. 

1. XX-Narrow

2. X-Narrow

3. Narrow

4. Medium

5. Wide

6. X-Wide

7. XX-Wide

Speaking in an alphabetical language..

A is narrow, B is average, C/D is wide and E is extra wide.

It is found that women cannot easily vouch for the best heels for wide feet. It is due to the uncomfortness levels or forcefully sliding into the shoe that make them choose flats, flip flops or slippers for that sake slippers. Another reason behind their scarcity is that heels owned by wide feet women don’t last for a longer period. The heel of the footwear either fails to provide balance and at the end lowers the morale of the women, upsetting them about their wide feet. Whereas the toe style and straps break due to pressure and minimum room of the footbed. So what are the types of heels meant for wide feet? Check it out below:

Types of heels for wide feet:

1. Strappy heels

Strappy heels are heels that have a strap to offer maximum support to your overall feet while walking. It ensures that your toes don’t feel trapped or bear all the pressure of your body weight alone. Here a strappy heel distributes the pressure and helps you maintain your balance with the help of the heel. Strappy heels generally come with a block heel type for maximum support and style. There are thin as well thick strappy heels for fulfilling the desires of those who possess wide feet. 

2. Block heels

As the name suggests, block heels are a type of heels which have a thicker heel. It provides the wearer immense support and balance backed with ample of comfortness. The wide heel structure and similar strap serves you with everything that you need. These block heels for wide feet are perfect for every day to day occasion.

3. Kitten heels

Kitten heels have extremely tiny pencil heels. They offer minimal heel size so that it can make you look chicer as well as balance your overall weight. Usually round toe shoes or bellies feature a kitten heel. 

4. Wedges

Wedges are invented for those you cannot find their balance in heels and stilettos. They must have a combination of heels and smartness. Wedges provides the wearer with necessary foot space, cushioned footbed and maximum mobility of the feet while walking. 

5. Platform Heels

Platform heels are a type of footwear that offer an extra height but in a uniform manner. They do not offer you an elevated heel style like wedges. They belong to the same family but give you a heeled platform for utmost balance. If you are not a heel lover but still love to wear it with flowy dresses, then platform heels are meant to be yours. 

6. Heeled ankle boots

Who doesn’t know ankle boots? They have an eye-catching appearance, stylish and smart look that manages to take your overall OOTD up a level. They tend to grab large eyeballs due to their wider toe box and close toe feature. Wish to wear shoes and heels? Heeled ankle boots are the fit that will help you hit the day in utmost style. 

There are also other heel types like comma heels, cone heels, flare heels, french heels and stilettos that have managed to grab attention across the world. But the above listed ones are the most recommended heel type for those you wish to lay their fashion statements like every other fashionista out there. Hurry up! Let the click-clack of your heels turn heads around. 

Types of Shoe Closures 

Since you have come across the preferred type of heel for your wide feet, snatch a glimpse of the various shoe closures that you need to snag for being the part of the bandwagon. 

1. Buckle Closure

2. Bungee Closure

3. Hook and Loop Closure

4. Lace-up Closure

5. Slip-On and Pull-On Closure

6. Zip Closure

These are the top 6 shoe closure types that you need to pay heed for deciding the perfect fit for your feet keeping in mind your comfort levels. 

Types of Toe Styles

Toe style is the most important feature that you ought to look for before seizing the best heels for wide feet. Make sure your feet don’t lose their original aura. Do not forcefully 

slide into a toe style or a shoe closure that is not meant for your wide feet. You should rather analyse your feet measurements and examine the way to wish to balance yourself while on the go before picking the appropriate fit.

1. Bump Toe

2. Cap Toe

3. Closed Toe

4. Open Toe

5. Peep Toe

6. Pointed Toe

7. Round Toe

8. Split Toe

9. Square Toe

These are the top 9 toe styles that elevate the look of the heel type and its closure. With plenty of choices you have successfully made your way to the shopping haul. Let the best heels for wide feet make their way to your shoe closet right away.

Best heels for wide feet

1. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunk Low Heel Pump Sandals

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunk Low Heel Pump Sandals are the best selling pump sandals with strappy heels for wide fit. The heel measures approximately 3 inches. It has a buckle and an ankle closure type. This footwear has a latex padded insole for added comfort. They are fashion oriented and a footwear geared with maximum comfort. It has a neutral style that has the capability to glam your look effortlessly. The strap offers enough room for your toes to move and balance while you are on the go. 


2. LifeStride Women’s Charlotte Heeled Sandal

LifeStride Women’s Charlotte Heeled Sandal provides support, flex and cushioning to flaunt it throughout the day.The traction sole provides you with extra stability and thus making it a footwear perfect for those you possess wide feet. It is a must have footwear style that covers your feets with wide straps all around. The soft insoles, smooth linings, and easy-flexing ability of the sole will serve you with extra comfort that you can enjoy all day.


3. The Drop Women’s Pattie High Block Heeled Mule Sandal

This mule sandal comes with a heel that measures approximately 3.5 inches. It is an influencer designed fashionable footwear. It is regarded as one of the staple pieces to complete your casual as well as formal looks. It is a wear-on-repeat heel for wide feet that you can’t take your eyes off.


4. Dunes Women’s Nellie Lucite Heel Sandal +Memory Foam Insoles

Dunes Women’s Nellie Lucite Heel Sandal comes with a soft clear upper and an adjustable ankle strap. The memory foam padded Insole and traction outsole offers everything that you need while walking. You can easily sashay down the aisle with heels on your feet and head held up high.


5. JENN ARDOR Women’s Kitten Heel Pumps Ladies Closed Pointed Toe D’Orsay Ankle Strap Dress Stiletto

JENN ARDOR Women’s Kitten Heel Pumps feature a rubber sole, anti slip pointy toe pumps to compliment every outfit of yours. Your feet will truly enjoy and don’t feel sore and sweaty with these mid kitten man made heel leather sandals. The closed toe style takes the look of the footwear up a notch and helps you to play on subtle tones. 


6. ComeShun Women Low Kitten Heel Mules Slip On Sandals

These sandals have an open peep toe design that is very convenient to slide your feet into. The 2.5 inches mid heels and soft padded insole will surprise you with better comfort. It has multiple colours for you to choose from. This mule is both simple and stylish. They are also versatile because of the alluring colours and excellent comfort. 


7. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Stilettos Heels Open Square Toe Heels

These comfortable low kitten heels have received immense compliments for its trendy open toe design. These heels for wide feet are elegant and stylish. These chic heel sandals will match with all outfits in your closet, no matter you are going to the workplace, party, evening or family gathering. It has a soft PU insole with thick memory latex padded, breathable and flexible material offers soft wearing experience and wonderful cushioning. It is really a blingy shoe and would work great for a wedding or super fancy event. If your feet are wide, size up and it won’t pinch at the sides.


8. Clarks Women’s Annadel Eirwyn Wedge Sandal

These wedges have an ortholite footbed, soft cushion and comfort technology. The hook and loop closure wraps the back of your foot seamlessly. These wedges are one such flattering sandals for every woman who possesses wide feet. These sandals are absurdly comfortable. They are soft, light in weight and breathable that can also help you in walking miles. They just have enough heels to make it look dressy. 


9. Jute rope wedge sandals for women

These Jute rope wedge sandals are a perfect summer shoe that comes with an ankle strap closure. The jute rope wrapped wedge heel is the combination of both style and comfort. The easy to wear ankle strap gives you the freedom to adjust the shoe fitting according to your foot width and flexibility. It also has a rubber layer at the bottom which is not slippery. If you have wide feet, choose one size bigger and you are good to go. 


10. RIBETRINI Espadrilles Wedge Sandals

RIBETRINI Espadrilles Wedge Sandals are the best selling wedges for wide feet who have managed to gain 5 star ratings on Amazon. They have an ankle strap buckle slingback and an opened peep toe style. They are made up from high quality material upper and non-slip rubber soles. They are highly comfortable and leave no space for complaints. 


11. Athlefit Women’s Platform Sandals

Athlefit Women’s Platform Sandals features a braided jute platform and a well balanced wedge heel. It has a great slope and curved footbed that ensures utmost perfection. If you wish to add a few inches to your frame these sandals will do their job well. The adjustable buckle strap ensures a perfect fit and ideally guarantees your confidence in every step that you take. 


12. CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Mandy Cork Espadrille Wedge Sandal

CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Mandy Cork Espadrille Wedge Sandal has a soft stretchable gore upper. It is a slip-on wear sandal with cushioned comfort insoles. The rope midsole is all that grabs the attention. It dissmenicates arctic vibes and takes your style statement up a level. 


13. LifeStride Women’s X-Anita Knee High Boot

LifeStride Women’s X-Anita Knee High Boot has a flexible outsole and minimum heel height. This is the boot for women with wide feet. It is a knee high boot that highlights the world where cosy meets contemporary. It comes with a faux leather upper with a round toe, side zip closure, stretch knit back panel and decorative straps with metallic ornamentation. What else do you need to set some high fashion goals? 


14. Soda Top Shoes Jaber Ankle Boot W Lug Sole Elastic Gore and Chunky Heel

These lug sole elastic gore ankle boots are true to size. The shaft measures approximately mid-ankle from the arch. It comes with elastic gores at both the sides for easy in and out of the boot. It features a chunky heel of 2.5 inches. They are very stylish and easy to wear. They are quite comfortable and don’t rub on the ankles or hurt anywhere. For more precautions or to prevent shoe bites you can wear these boots with good quality socks. 


15. Charles Albert Women’s Modern Western Cowboy Distressed Boot 

Charles Albert Women’s Modern Western Cowboy Distressed Boots comes with pull-up tabs. They are soft and feature a comfortable lining to provide support and cushioning to yoru wide feet. The round almond toe is what makes this footwear the best selling footwear of the season. It is extremely classy and serves you with everything that you need while walking or impromptu running. 


These best heels for wide feet are definitely worth every penny. You need not to hunt places or struggle hard to find the right pair for your feet. Amazon is the place to go and pick without any second thoughts. It offers a wide range of footwear especially heels for wide feet. Now your wide feet will also be the part of the bandwagon and will never upset you. 

Go book your pedicure appointments, shape your toenails, paint themselves with mesmerising nail colours and get ready to slide your feet in these beauties. No matter the weather or the occasion you have the right match for your outfit lying in your shoe closet. Bring the most stylish footwear home today itself and complete your day to day with utmost ease. Who says it is difficult to hunt for heels for wide feet? You will already have them at your door. 

After sinking into the detailed analysis of the types of heels for wide feet, shoe closures and shoe width, you also need to understand your type of feet. How will you come to know whether your feet need a wide foot footbed or a normal one? Scroll down and get to know the steps to measure your foot. After measuring, you are free to pick all the best heels for wide feets

Steps to measure your foot: 

1. Place your foot on a flat surface with your heel against a straight edge.

2. Place a ruler beside your foot touching the straight edge.

3. Make sure your heel is also touching, then take the length in millimetres from the tip of your longest toe to your heel.

4. Please be aware that your longest toe may not always be your big toe.

5. According to your type of toes and toe length, measure your foot.

After measuring your foot, pick your preferable toe style, shoe closure and heel style. Go and sashay down the street with the best heels for wide feet. No more looking down because the best heels will help you in walking down with pride and head held high.


1. Which heels are ideal for wide feet? 

There are multiple types of heels ideal for wide feet. In order to choose the best heels for wide feet make sure you make yourself aware of the type of shoe closure, toe style and heel type. The heels that are ideal for wide feet are as follows: 

a. Strappy heels

b. Block heels

c. Kitten heels

d. Wedges

e. Platform heels

f. Heeled ankle boots

2. Can women with wide feet wear heels? 

Yes. Women with wide feet can wear heels. But one must consider the comfort levels, balancing ability, heel structure, strap durability and closure design to walk with ease. It is recommended to wear block or thicker heels if you have wide feet. Wide feet require more room for mobility and a soft cushioned footbed. 

3. Which is the most comfortable toe style for wide feet? 

If you possess wide feet and are looking for the best heels then make sure you look at the round toe heels. They will ensure that your toes don’t feel pinched and provide ample space from the bigger toe to your baby toe. 

4. Do heels for wide feet have wider heels? 

No. Heels for wide feet only have an extra room for your toes and the overall feet. The wider toe area and the wider forefoot area makes it a heel meant for wide feet. The heels of wide feet aren’t wider. But it is recommended to choose thicker heels so that your feet are not prone to ankle twists and shoe bites. 

5. Should women with wide feet pick a bigger size of heel? 

It is not necessary to pick a bigger size for yoru wide feet. Every brand offers a wide array of heels to suit every woman’s needs and shoe characteristics. It depends from brand to brand. You may try to slide your feet into the true size heel but for more comfort or extreme mobility you can pick a bigger size. 

6. Which is the most appropriate toe style for wide feet? 

If you possess wide feet you should pick heels that have a block heel and square toe style. They offer optimal comfort and room to fit your toes and forefoot comfortably. It all depends upon your balancing capabilities and shoe comfort. 


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