Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Prepare For Three-Day Wedding Extravaganza In Savannah, Georgia

Most of the people reading this entry probably were not invited to witness Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez as they follow their Las Vegas elopement with a more elaborate second wedding. (Full disclosure: I was…also not invited.) But it seems not to matter much whether any of us will be there in person: entertainment journalists are right on top of it!

First of all, this is not merely a wedding: guests are going to Savannah, Georgia (near Affleck’s 87-acre private island) for a three-day extravaganza. An insider tells People that the couple “have an extraordinary weekend of celebrations planned”: “They will have a pre-wedding party, a ceremony and have lots of fun lined up.” Part of the “fun” for Lopez involved a trip to Savannah’s Glow Med Spa—apparently no relation to Glow By J. Lo.

Unfortunately, the weekend has already been marred by a bloody accident!!! …Okay, it’s not that serious: Affleck’s mother, Christopher Anne Boldt, fell off a dock on Affleck’s estate on Friday, cutting her leg badly enough to require an ambulance trip to nearby Liberty County Medical Center so that she could get stitches. Judging by the photos of Boldt leaving the facility in a wheelchair, she may want to consider a loose palazzo pant for the ceremony.

If your next question was when Affleck’s longtime friend, producing partner, and frequent co-star Matt Damon would touch down in Georgia for the festivities: worry not, because he landed at a private airfield on Friday. Page Six had the exclusive on paparazzi photos of Damon, keeping it casual for the flight in chinos and a black buttondown (looks like a microfiber golf shirt to my eyes, but this is unconfirmed); Damon arrived with his wife, Luciana Barroso, much more fashion-forward in a white belted jumpsuit and cheetah-print sneakers. Is Damon there to serve as Best Man? A report from OK! says no, but since it’s from before the Lopez and Affleck’s Las Vegas wedding last month, we probably shouldn’t put too much stock in it.

Considering that Affleck and Lopez’s friends, former co-stars, employees, and exes probably number in the thousands, E!’s estimate of “up to 100 guests” seems low? At least one of those exes is definitely not coming: Affleck’s first wife Jennifer Garner is working in Texas, but has wished the couple well. Other than Damon, Jennifer’s close friend and Second Act co-star Leah Remini will also be there; while we don’t know yet what Lopez’s gown will look like—though it has been reported that it’s a Ralph Lauren—let’s hope Remini’s outfit doesn’t resemble it at all or we might have a hard time telling them apart. And speaking of Lopez’s wedding look: place your bets now on how many costume changes she’ll make on the day. I put the over-under at three.

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