Bella Hadid and Maude Apatow’s Go-To Colorist Opens a New SoHo Salon

“I wasn’t expecting to go from four employees to 17 in two years,” admits Perry, who credits a lot of her kinship with her younger clients—who change their hair as much as their makeup—to the fact that they want exactly what she did when she was an “early 2000s scene kid.” Raised in Newport, Rhode Island, Perry decamped to New York City after beauty school in 2005, holding career-affirming gigs at the now shuttered Ion Studio NYC and White Rose Collective before opening her under-the-radar hair destination. But her clientele isn’t after the off-kilter acid-wash pastels that populate TikTok. Instead, Perry deals in what can best be described as cool nuance—the vibrant, smoked-paprika auburn she gave Kendall Jenner for Prada’s fall show in collaboration with colorist Matt Rez; a velvety brunette with impressive warmth; and #NYCBlonde, the perfect honey-hued flaxen that she has perfected for clients including Chloë Sevigny, who is perhaps the NYC blond.

“I wanted to take the energy and the heartbeat of what we’re doing in the East Village and bring it to a bigger space but still keep it kind of like a girly barber shop,” Perry explains of the new 2,300-square-foot salon, which features 17 vanity-like stations and will offer everything from single and double processes (from $150), haircuts (from $125), and blowouts (from $100) to a menu of highlights (full, partial, and mini, from $175). She worked with Swike Design’s Sarah Weichel and Ashley Avignone to harness a ’70s Italian-lounge feel with brass accents, polished wood, smoked-amber mirror panels, and various sitting areas outfitted in rare midcentury-modern Italian furniture, including a cognac riff on Tobia & Afra Scarpa’s iconic Soriana sofa. “It feels like your friend’s apartment that you don’t want to leave,” she adds, noting that there will also be a private VIP suite with the same intimate and stylish “living room”-like details—which is good news for clients like Apatow who will likely find it harder and harder to achieve anonymity, and who have no plans to stop experimenting with their hair anytime soon. “I want to dye it again,” Apatow tells Perry, her gloss barely blow-dried. “Next up…blond?!”

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