Behold, the Bare-Faced Beauty of Salma Hayek

Despite what slow-motion movie scenes would have you believe, few people in this world actually look good when emerging from water, whether the sea or a pool. For most, a post-swim look includes bedraggled, knotted hair and mascara under the eyes. Chic it is not.

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But trust Salma Hayek to look really rather excellent after swimming. Already the queen of the swimsuit—she has shown off many an unforgettable number in recent months—it turns out she suffers with none of the problems frequently associated with dunking your head underwater. Instead, the actor and all-round beach bombshell is a bare-faced vision after a dip.

Posting a selfie on Instagram when fresh from the water, Hayek, who is 55, showed off an even-toned, glowing complexion. Without a scrap of makeup—just excellent natural brows—the actor looked healthy and happy in the great outdoors wearing a blue halterneck swimsuit.

In fact, Salma has beach day beauty nailed; wearing mascara is one thing, but all one really needs on sunny days spent by the sea is a great broad spectrum SPF to fend off UV rays and protect the skin, a moisturizing lip balm, and perhaps a hydrating facial mist for good measure. 

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