Beauty Icons: What Makes One, According to the Pros

For celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright, a beauty icon is a timeless beauty. “No matter what era they’re in, their style still works,” Wright tells POPSUGAR. “A beauty icon also inspires and influences others with their beauty, whether it’s through their makeup, hairstyle, or fashion choices.”

Another critical trait that Wright believes beauty icons possess is the ability to be inclusive. “Beauty icons also represent diversity and inclusivity. They challenge traditional beauty standards and celebrate uniqueness. They’re someone who will be remembered and admired for generations.”

Wright’s beauty icons of this generation are none other than Queen Latifah and Iman. “Queen Latifah is known for her confidence, elegance, and versatility,” Wright says. “She has inspired so many people with her beauty and style. She represents a modern and inclusive definition of beauty. Her influence also extends far beyond the entertainment industry.”

When it comes to Iman, it goes beyond beauty and style; it’s also how her work has paved the way for others — something that Wright says sets her apart. “Iman has long been a trailblazer for diversity and inclusivity in the fashion and beauty space,” Wright says. “She is continuously challenging traditional beauty standards and paving the way for other models of color.”

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