Bambi Becomes “A Vicious Killing Machine” In Horror Reimagining : entertainment

“Yeah, I liked the bit where you shoved the drill in the virgin otter’s face.”

“That wasn’t in “Bambi”, Vyvyan!”

“It was in the sequel, Neil. “Bambi Goes Crazy Ape Bonkers with His Drill and Set”.”

“Is that true, Bambi? Did you do a Disney nasty?”

“So what if I did? I’m not apologizing. My life collapsed after “Bambi”. I was a lovable faun alright, unusable for anything else. I took the Babycham stuff, sure, thanks to Mike here, but I was finished. When the porn “Bambi” came along, well, I thought, this is where I get something back…If it hadn’t been for the chance to present University Challenge and start a new life, I’d be giving executive relief to woodland creatures to this very day.”

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