Andrew Tate Posts Message From House Arrest After Release From Jail – Deadline

Andrew Tate has shared a video with a cryptic message for his followers after being released from prison, and placed under house arrest. 

The former kickboxer posted a video in which he was seen shirtless, pacing a room and smoking a cigar after he and his brother Tristan were released from jail. 

Tate told his followers: “Absolute clarity of mind. Real thoughts. Real plans. Vivid pain.” he said, in reference to his time behind bars.

“One hour home and I cant stand my phone.

“Some habits die hard.

“We must defeat Shaytan.

Shaytan is an evil demonic spirit in Islam that tempts humans into sin.”

Earlier, Tate had spoken to reporters outside his home following his release. Romanian news outlet Cancan reports him saying, “Freedom, finally! I’m a little excited.

“I have no resentment towards Romania or anyone else in the country, I only believe in the truth.”

“I believe in the end justice will prevail and there is a 0 percent chance that I will be found guilty of something I did not do. 

“I’m innocent and I think everyone understands tat and I’m glad to be home.”

Tate’s release comes after three months in prison. The British influencer, criticised for promoting toxic masculinity to his millions of followers, mostly young men, was detained alongside his brother Tristan and two Romanian women on December 29. Prosecutors continue to investigate charges of human trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal gang to exploit women.

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