An ‘Inscryption’-inspired fan-made ‘Pokémon’ card game is playable now

A fan-made card game based on Pokémon – called Pocket Crystal League – has been released and is playable right now.

The game was shared by Reddit user u/moodytail earlier today (May 19) on the franchise’s subreddit. This single-player title is “completely different to the official trading card game” and apparently inspired by Inscryption.

Pocket Crystal League can be played on here, and it features all of generation one and two’s Pokémon (with modern fairy type changes as well) and sees players face off against trainers and the eight gym leaders of Kyoumu, before going up against the Crystal League.

Players pick a starter deck but can build up their Pokémon cards as they play through the game, with opportunities to strengthen cards and give them unique special abilities as well. According to the developer, the game will be PC only for now, with other versions potentially coming in the future.

Pocket Crystal League, my single-player Poke-card game, has been released! Link in description, check it out! from pokemon

“Balancing can be a bit tricky at times, but I’m satisfied with the current level of difficulty overall.” wrote the creator. “The game is not supposed to be too easy, but challenging to a degree. Nevertheless, balance updates may happen if/when needed.”

There are also a series of helpful tips on the game’s page that provide assistance to those struggling at any point during play.

Word of Pocket Crystal League follows the announcement of a monster tamer game maker, which on top of providing a full Pokémon-inspired game, will also let players make their own as well.

The playable game is called Dokimon, and will be used “as a reference point for builders” and is “completely open-source.”

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