Amy Schumer Received Death Threats After Hosting The Oscars

The famous slap heard around the world wasn’t the only drama at the 2022 Oscars. At one point, host Amy Schumer explained how seat fillers work at the Academy Awards. (For background, seat fillers work to make sure the audience always looks full, even if celebrities have to step out to go to the bathroom, get air, etc.) To explain, she called Power of the Dog actress Kirsten Dunst a “seat filler” and asked her to move so she could talk to her husband, Jesse Plemons, and congratulate him on his work in the same film. A bewildered Plemons could only squeak out, “You know that was my wife?” And of course, Schumer responded with “You’re married to that seat filler?”The internet didn’t take kindly to this joke with people calling Schumer out for adding to Hollywood’s constant mistreatment of Dunst. But now, as Schumer explained on The Howard Stern Show, she’s gotten death threats over the whole ordeal.

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