Amelia King Charged After Threatening To Bring “Every Single Gun Loaded” To School In Response To Mask Mandate

According to reports, #AmeliaKing, Virginia parent who threatened to bring loaded guns to her kids’ school because of the mask mandate, has been charged.

The Luray Police Department announced on Friday that King was charged with making an “Oral Threat While on School Property.” She’s since been released on $5,000 unsecured bond.

@cbsnews reports that King has since apologized to the school district, and stated she wasn’t speaking of actual guns.

“I in no way meant to imply all guns loaded as in actual firearms, but rather all resources I can muster to make sure that my children get to attend school without masks,” she purportedly said in the email. “I would never do such a thing; I was speaking figuratively.”

As previously reported, King showed up to the school board meeting and stated, “My children will not come to school on Monday with a mask on,” she said. “That’s not happening, and I will bring every single gun loaded and ready to, I will call every single gun loaded. ”

As a result, it’s reported that there will be increased police presence on Monday.

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