Ally Love Serves Up High-Octane Style on Dance 100

What was it like for you to watch it for the first time all together?

I’m going to wait and watch it in real time with the rest of the world. So when I sit down with my friends and my husband and we watch the show, I, too, am going to be shocked. I know the things that are happening. I just don’t know where or when they are going to be happening. So I just want to cherish that moment of this being my first experience, my first big-girl solo hosting job that I’ve been working my ass off to get. 

Dance has played a big role in your early life, but is it something you still partake in regularly?

Simple answer: at the club, honey! Give me a wedding, give me a birthday party, give me a night out at the club—I am your number one party guest. I will come on time or maybe a little late. [I’m] not the first one there, but I will come early because I know what it’s like to put on an event. You want people to show up, and I’ll be the last to leave on the dance floor. I am your number one party guest. That ability to get lost and find freedom of movement without judgment is exactly what I do. In terms of formalizing it, I do take dance classes once in a while. A few teammates or best friends of mine, we will take dance classes, but we will be in the back. Back in the day, I was front and center with my sweatshirt half off the shoulder with a sports bra on and baggy pants hitting every movement. Now, I’m just casual and cute and let the young folks with the Megan Thee Stallion knees get on the floor. 

Let’s talk about your wardrobe on Dance 100 because you have so many great looks. Can you walk us through the process of selecting your outfits?

I think anyone can do fashion, but I think very few people can do style. … If you take some of the best designers and you take their designs and put them on a mannequin, they look amazing. And if you take it off that mannequin and put it on most people in the world, they will look amazing. They will feel amazing. That’s fashion. Fashion in itself is created by the designer and the team, and it’s no shade to them, but that’s already completed. Style is as an individual—when you can let your personality shine, when things come together that are a reflection of your personality and that are iconic. Iconic means … you walk down the streets of New York City, and someone is looking at you, and they are having an internal dialogue and an external dialogue. And they can either love it or hate it. It doesn’t matter. We are not here to please the public. But style is when you can put these pieces together, and they represent your personality, and people are like, “I’m curious” or “I have a thought.” It’s thought-provoking.

That’s what I really pride myself on, especially in the show, is highlighting my love for style in itself. You’ll see an evolution with my looks. From the very first show where I want to show that I’m young and fresh, I showed off a little stomach in the first [look] to show that honey is still a dancer. She’s still got it. And then I go back and forth between short minidresses where there is a little peekaboo to long pants and sheer tops. My hair goes from being an afro to a curly ponytail to a big pouf ponytail to braids to a slicked-back long ponytail, giving you Madonna. I like to reflect my personality in each way that I look. The point of it is how it all comes together for me. And the color palette. When you lay out each of the looks together, you’re like, “Wow, this is an array. It’s giving me spring, summer, fall, and winter in one show.” 

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