Alivenique – “Rain”

Alivenique is the “meta pop-art musical project” of Ali Beletic, aiming for a fusion of genres and music both traditional and futuristic. Beletic released the project’s debut single, “Tune In – Prelude,” last year. Now, she’s gearing up for some new music in 2022, starting with a new single called “Rain.”

Here’s what Beletic had to say about the track:

When I was writing the intro to “Rain,” I was thinking about drawing people into the story I wanted to tell. I was imagining approaching a small village on horseback in a sort of supernatural type storm, so it begins with a huge thunderlike drum with a super long decay, and then enters the delicate rain like shaker, which has it’s own rhythmic pulse, coming in and out, and then the distant imaginative vocals coming from a far off village that get louder as you approach, finally dropping into the collaged modern cut up vocals of the verse, poppy 808s, and a multi-perspective chorus telling us that we are dealing with both tradition and modernity. Musically and lyrically, for me, this song represents the iconic hero myth call at the beginning of an epic story, a story of super(naturalism) and modern femininity.

“Rain” indeed blends old and new, with a clattering, visceral beat giving way to processed and alien vocal layers. Check it out below.

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