Alexa Chung on Acupuncture, Good Brows, and Why She’s Forever a Fan of French Style

Fashion designer, author, TV presenter, model… Alexa Chung really does do it all. As she fronts Code 8’s new London Edit campaign, she talks to Vogue about her beauty and well-being routine.

On how she wakes up in the morning

I’m a pretty straightforward gal. My friend was laughing at me the other day. She was like, “Why does your bed look like this?” because I do take great care making the bed. My Volga Linen throw makes me feel like an old Venetian bachelor man. And then, really, it’s all about the shower, isn’t it? I start with a shower and think about what I’m going to wear while in it, based on what I’m doing that day and how I’m feeling—and whether I want to manipulate that feeling into a better one. Then I darken the door of my local coffee joint immediately. My acupuncturist is like, “Please stop with the coffee!”  

On acupuncture 

I see Meghan Markle’s fave, Ross J Barr. He’s just delightful. I started seeing him last year when I was quite stressed. Poor Ross, he must be collecting the tears of the whole of London. We need to bottle him into some kind of pill! I’ve got endometriosis really boringly and so I see him for maintaining that. His Healing Patches are great. I felt like my post-summer brain wasn’t at full capacity, so the other day he Frankenstein-ed me and put needles in my head. The next day, I swear to God, I had too many ideas. 

Ross J Barr Healing Patches

On everything French

I have tried as much as I can to make my house look French—my dream was to semi-move there, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. I went to Le Marais, and the food market there is the most delicious—it’s like a much better Borough Market. Everyone there wears the best outfits ever. I mean, Broadway Market [in Hackney] is pretty good for an outfit, but this is much better.

On fronting the new Code 8 London campaign

What’s clever about their London Edit is it’s in keeping with their ethos, which is all about low-maintenance beauty—things that aren’t intimidating. Just a collection of beauty products that you can achieve everything with. My hero item is the Beauty Balm. It’s very moisturizing, doesn’t feel cakey, and gives skin light coverage. As far back as my Pop World days, my makeup artist would put moisturizer in foundation to try and make it a more sheer formula. Now I just use Beauty Balm with a bit of concealer. 

Code 8 Radiate Beauty Balm

On whether she believes in star signs

Depends how single I am. The correlation between my belief in the stars and being in a relationship! I do find I know quite a lot about star signs. If people mention they’re a certain sign, I’m like, “Leo… interesting.” I’m a Scorpio, and it is currently my season. A lot of the traits I relate to most are around intuition and psychic things. It’s a water sign [thing] and I find that I’m often affected by other people’s emotional state—I can feel it if someone’s got something going on, even if I don’t know them. I’m able to keep a secret, fiercely loyal—I’ve got my traits down. 

On her longstanding bob

For years I had it long—between 2011 to 2016, I had long hair, didn’t I? I think I did. The problem is the texture of my hair, it’s quite shiny and gets quite greasy at the roots. It maintains better structure when it’s a mid-length bob. Last Halloween, I went as a mermaid, and I had a really, really long pink wig. My friend Harley was like, “Why have you not got this hair? It’s amazing”, and I was like, “I would definitely have long hair if I could grow it this long.” 

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