Alec Tesa, Founder of Eleven20 Tequila: The Perfect Tequila You’ve Never Had

Eleven20 is born in Jalisco, a land that has been fed by the Tequila Volcano for thousands of years, where the Blue Agave grows naturally fertilized by the volcanic minerals that have generated optimal conditions to give an exceptional profile to the pineapples that over the years have been enriched by the subsoil. Their Agave grows with a formation inclined to herbaceous notes, not too sweet, which gives them a versatile profile and more possibilities to create unique flavors.

Eleven20, named for the founders Alec and Anna (1 and 1 for “A” in the alphabet), and the family of 20 farmers running the distillery, strives for purity and quality, using purified water, traditional farming techniques, and never using any additives. Through their commitment to quality, Eleven20 Tequila has become recognized as an innovator of flavor and aromas, with its signature blend being celebrated by mixologists and connoisseurs alike.

On this episode of the Grit Daily Startup, Alec explains with a culture rooted in respect for tradition, expertise, and craftsmanship, each bottle of Eleven20 Tequila is a testament to the highest standards of excellence. Its unparalleled taste has gotten it named the official tequila of National Tequila Day and National Margarita Day, and also has a reputation of turning non-tequila drinkers into tequila lovers.

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