Alanna Ubach on Suze’s ‘Euphoria’ Journey, Mothering Cassie and Lexi, and Her ‘Easter Egg’ Career

Well, that scene was actually rewritten the night before. I was not watching my Millionaire Matchmaker [initially]. Here’s this woman who probably only gets Saturdays to herself because she’s hoping her kids are at their boyfriends’ houses, or the mall. It is the only time when she can day-drink and enjoy her favorite television shows, and she has this very promiscuous daughter on the verge of a nervous breakdown. As crazy as Suze is, there’s a side of her that’s quite wise and she knows these kids are gonna figure it out one way or another, but most importantly, My Saturday is being ruined. Get the hell out of here.

Do you know why was it rewritten?

I think Sam Levinson gave Suze more of a life. Sam doesn’t stop painting, so he probably added funnier dialogue. I think it just adds a little bit of lightness to the situation, because, my God, [Cassie’s] in so much pain and in so much trouble, and she has no one to turn to.

Then you’re in the audience during Our Life, looking like you’re feeling this enormous pride for Lexi. How does Suze look at the balance between her two daughters?

There’s that wonderful saying, “You are only as happy as your saddest child.” Lexi is someone I don’t have to worry about, thank God. But Cassie, I’m sure, reminds me of how I [Suze] was as a young girl and I see myself in her and once she gets histrionic, I suddenly get histrionic. You can’t help it. I have a four-year-old and he thinks he’s a teenager and anytime he’s sad or mad about someone not talking to him at his preschool, I’m depressed the entire day, too.

How does parenting a four-year-old—and being a mom in real life—impact your performance?

I don’t know if you ever went through this, Michelle, but when I was pregnant, I started remembering all of the mothers that I once knew growing up. Oh, that woman was considered the big sister and she was the one who allowed everyone to get drunk at her house. And then you had the really strict Catholic parent that everyone was afraid of. And you think to yourself, Which parent do I wanna be? I’m gonna cherrypick everything that I loved from all of those mothers. Suze is the last mother I wanna be, because in some ways she’s clueless, as loving as she is. I find her quite limited, unfortunately.

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