Air Jordan 5 Oregon Ducks Helmet PE Photos

Every so often, there’s a sneaker so extremely rare it almost never sees the light of day. This Air Jordan 5 “NFL Helmet” PE is just one of those pairs, and only a select few — 19, to be exact — will ever see these in their collection at a time.

This Player Exclusive was only issued out to athletes affiliated with the brand. In colorway and design, the shoe is made to resemble a football helmet, whose gloss is mimicked by way of a white patent leather. What’s more, the protective gear’s warning label is also plastered on the shoe’s heel adjacent to the striped decal and “23” marking. The netting and tongue offer unique finishes as well, opting for a gradient-rich and iridescent treatment, respectively.

For a closer look, check out the imagery below, which was provided by sneaker collector @englishsole. This will likely be one of only a few times you’ll ever see detailed photos.

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Photos: @englishsole

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