Aaron Carter’s family wants singer’s son, Prince, to inherit estate. : entertainment

I hope a department in the industry gets made to where child stars are as safe as possible and to make sure that their money is their money only.

Aaron’s parents stole most of his money and backstabbed him numerous times. But this is just with child stars in general, having weirdo co star legals or directors or just any position really, they don’t even have to be weirdos but just major assholes like how Bill Murray held Seth Green over the trash can like he was gonna drop him.

The fact that’s it’s 2022 and we still haven’t developed an act or department to help these children stars baffles me. And no I don’t think child’s should be banned from acting cause we’ve had so many hits thanks to child stars such as Stephen Kid’s It, Stranger Things, Home Alone, etc… but they definitely need to be protected.

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