A Status Update on the Couples of Too Hot to Handle Season 3

Warning: contains spoilers.

Honestly, this update is too sad to handle. 

After lots of sexual frustration, season three of Netflix‘s Too Hot to Handle has come to an end and the winners been chosen. On the finale episode, which premiered on Jan. 26, Harry and Beaux were crowned the winners of the series and took home $90,000. Nathan was runner-up, and Georgia came in third.

“I cannot believe this,” Beaux said after Lana, the Alexa-like device that watches over the couples, announced that she had won. “We went from nothing, to being in love,” Harry added.

And there were no hard feelings. “Couldn’t be happier for Harry and Beaux, they definitely deserved it,” Nathan shared. “If I could’ve voted, I would’ve voted for them.” 

At the end of the show, multiple couples left hand–in–hand, including Holly and Nathan, Izzy and Jackson and Holly and Beaux. So now the question is, who’s still together?

Well, wE! have the answer, but spoiler alert for hopeless romantics: You may not like it. 

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