A Stanning BTS Podcast ‘Shipisode

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Stanning BTS is back with another ‘Shipisode, this time taking on perhaps the most underrated ship in BTS: Jihope!

Hosts Kayla and Bethany run through the Jimin and j-hope’s tight-knit friendship and why they make such a great pair. They also reminisce on particularly cute moments between the two, highlighting the magic that’s in the air when Jimin and j-hope are around.

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This month, Stanning BTS is celebrating our love for BTS and ARMY with our 6th Annual Being an ARMY episode. Every year, Kayla and Bethany release a special episode around Valentine’s Day in which they share the stories from beloved ICONIC listeners! They’re asking you to send in your ARMY stories again — tell us how being an ARMY has impacted your life! No story is too big or too small to share, they wanna hear them all!

Submit your written story via email at stanningbtspodcast@gmail.com or an audio message via Dropbox by submitting here. They will not be accepting submissions via social DM. The submission deadline is Sunday, February 12th.

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