A Review of the Best Luxury Fragrances by The House of Creed

Over seven generations (and 260 years), The House of Creed has defined itself as one of the most recognizable and celebrated luxury fragrance houses worldwide. The brand started its unique journey in 1760 as a tailor shop founded by James Henry Creed in Mayfair, London, before shifting to high-quality, artisanal fragrances for men and women. After relocating to Paris in 1854 at the request Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie following the brand’s appointment as the official supplier of the royal household, Creed quickly became associated with socially prominent clientele ranging from royals to aristocrats.

The brand has since created over 200 luxurious perfumes, each filtered, bottled, and labelled by hand at the brand’s family-run factory in Fontainebleau. This amazing tradition is continued by CEO Olivier Creed, who is the seven-generation descendant of founder James Henry Creed. That’s right: The fragrance house has remained in the same family since it was founded. 

Read on to discover which of the brand’s niche, artisanal perfumes are absolutely worth the investment.

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