A Lament for Steve Brady, the Last Honorable Man of ‘Sex and the City’

Gather round, children, because we’re about to play another round of the greatest parlor game of the last half century: relitigating the many, many romantic leads of Sex and the City. There was the Aidan–versus–Mr. Big debate (which I would say Aidan has now won handily, although I have always been justifiably biased against Big), there were the Smith Jared stans (RIP to that character, who is not literally dead but has not yet been seen on And Just Like That), and there were even inexplicable Berger apologists, despite the fact that he quite literally broke up with Carrie on a Post-it. (Yes, I have previously deemed that particular breakup not that bad, but I still wouldn’t call him a prince among men.)

Amid all these beaus, tucked away in plain sight, was Miranda’s on-and-off hookup turned husband Steve Brady, an affable, glasses-sporting bar owner and basketball fan with a thick Brooklyn accent. I’ve written before about Steve being the only truly good guy in the SATC extended universe, with the exception of Charlotte’s husband Harry York Goldenblatt. But after seeing what’s become of Steve on the last few episodes of And Just Like That…, I feel compelled to defend him once again.

When we remeet Steve in the reboot, he’s aged (quite well, I might add), with a hearing aid and a penchant for after-dinner ice cream that really don’t seem like deal breakers but clearly aren’t doing much to inspire Miranda’s passion. In recent episodes, though, we’ve seen Miranda fall hard for toxic comedian Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez) and—as so often happens with new love—totally lose interest in her husband. Womp womp. Miranda and Steve have an utterly failed sex moment in the kitchen, followed by an agonizing breakup, and by the end of all of it, I couldn’t help feeling wretched for poor Steve.

To be clear, I am not remotely implying that Miranda is doing anything wrong by falling for Che or exploring her nascent queer identity. (Hello, I’m very gay, and I also try not to be too knee-jerk judgmental of infidelity between consenting adults since it’s really none of my business, even when they’re fictional characters.) Still, I wish her glow-up wasn’t coming at the expense of sweet Steve, who literally just wants to sit on the couch with his wife and watch a show while sharing dessert. Is that so much to ask???

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