9 Best Clothes Steamers 2022: Anti-Wrinkle Garment Steamers

Nothing ruins an Instagram-worthy look quite like a wrinkled outfit. Whether it’s a gorgeous maxi dress or a casual button-down, crisp clothes look more elevated and make you feel more put together. You could reach for an iron, but sometimes, steaming your clothes is the easier (and safer) route. Steamers work by heating water into a hot vapor that, when in direct contact with fabric, relaxes the fibers of your clothing to gently work out wrinkles and creases. They’re also safe to use on most materials—just keep them away from any suede, wax-coated, or leather garments. 

Using a clothing steamer is simple. Start by hanging up your item, filling your steamer with water, and allowing the machine to heat up. Once your tool is hot and ready, keep it a few inches away from the garment and move it in downward vertical motions, letting the steam gently work out the wrinkles. When you’re satisfied with the result, allow the garment to cool and dry. Voilà! That head-turning party dress is beautifully smoothed. 

If you haven’t tried one yet, we recommend investing in a good clothing steamer to experience its easy-to-use magic. Take it from us: You’ll never want to iron again. Ahead, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite steamers for use on the toughest of wrinkles.

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