76 Under-$40 Holiday Gifts That Leave Everyone Happy

There’s a commonly used “law” of business that promises the following: Nothing can be fast, good, and cheap all at the same time. It can be fast and cheap but not good; good and cheap, but not fast; and fast and good, but not cheap. No matter what, there’s something you have to sacrifice. But after Who What Wear’s team of experts put their heads together ahead of the holiday season, one thing became clear: Whoever came up with this theory hadn’t met us, or better yet, shopped the gifts we spend the majority of November sourcing. If they had, they’d see quite clearly that this particular law of business isn’t without exceptions. The 76 gifts below are proof enough of that. 

Fast, good, and cheap (like under-$40 cheap) are three words that describe to a T every one of the gift ideas featured ahead. From pre-measured Sicilian sea salt that your foodiest friend will delight over to a table-top loom that’ll get the creative juices flowing for your left-brained S.A., the presents you’re about to see (or better yet, shop) are destined to spark joy in whoever unwraps them. Scroll on for Low Cost, High Joy with Who What Wear, our under-$40 guide to making everyone on your holiday gifting list happy.

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