7 chicken and rice recipes from around the world

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Chicken and rice is a classic combination all over the world for good reason: The result is often as flavorful as it is simple.

Because the base elements are usually accessible — chicken, rice — you can take them in many directions. Perhaps you’ll want something saucy, or maybe you prefer something perfumed with spices. The options are nearly limitless!

Below, you’ll find some of our favorites. If you don’t see one that appeals to you, head to our Recipe Finder and search for “chicken and rice.”

Instant Pot Arroz con Pollo. There are so many ways to make arroz con pollo, dependent on place, time and the family making it. This is a Puerto Rican variation designed to be made more quickly through the use of a multicooker, but you can also try Dominican Rice With Chicken or Cuban-Style Chicken and Rice (Arroz con Pollo).

Adas Polo o Morgh (Persian-Style Lentil Rice With Chicken). A bit of saffron to bring on a golden hue and aroma, onions sautéed until silky, with hearty lentils, warm spices and a little dried fruit for sweetness — this chicken and rice is all kinds of special.

Restorative Chicken and Rice Soup. Have your chicken and rice in soup form with this delicious, deeply flavorful recipe.

Chicken Tahdig. What’s better than chicken and rice? Chicken and CRISPY rice.

One-Pot Cajun Chicken and Rice. Save yourself the cleanup and cook everything in one pot. Cajun seasoning and staples such as green bell pepper make this delicious.

Malabar Chicken Biryani. Biryani is a rice-based dish that’s meant for celebrating. This chicken version is certainly up to the task.

Chicken and Rice Meatballs With Roasted Carrots and Labne. Take the chicken and rice combo, but put it on a different track: The rice goes inside the chicken meatballs to act as a binder.

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