6 Winter Shoe Trends That Will Dominate This Season

In my experience, everyone in fashion has their thing, be it handbags, outerwear, basics, or most often, shoes, including but not limited to boots, heels, sandals, clogs, and flats. Mine, like so many, revolves solely around footwear. And because of that, I spend a large chunk of my day looking through runway shows, Instagram feeds, magazines, and of course, the market, in order to garner enough information about the state of the footwear market to report on it accurately and with the level of enthusiasm only a true shoe lover can emote. 

That brings me to my latest dump of research findings, which center around the shoe trends that will dominate the fashion scene throughout the approaching winter. From engineer boots inspired by Miu Miu’s FW22 offerings to colorful options that are sure to spark joy on even the gloomiest of winter days, the 6 shoe trends ahead are lying in wait for the season to begin and their reigns over our feet to commence. Get a head start by shopping my favorite pairs from each below. 

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