6 Compact Video Cameras Under $200 (January 2022 Reviews)

Quitting your boring 9 to 5 job in order to become your own boss is becoming more appealing to people every day. It’s empowering to know you can be free to make your own schedule and work anywhere you like – who says a job has to be boring, right? If you’re one to be starting your own journey in the vlogging world with a tight budget, worry not. There are countless videos and reviews on the Internet that are happy to talk about the best (and most expensive) vlogging cameras in length (check out our article on some of the best vlogging cameras out there), but very few are willing to do the research to find the most affordable ones. 

Well, today I was given the important task of selecting six cameras under $200 that should do the trick for aspiring vloggers. Full disclaimer though – some of these cameras may go a few dollars above the price range mentioned, but they are all roughly around 200 – at least at the time of research. The last thing I would want is to give anyone misleading information. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let me tell you my criteria for selecting the following cameras:

  • The camera has to be under 200 (or slightly above this price range).
  • The vlogging camera has to be compact and easy to carry – suitable for vloggers.
  • The camera should have decent image or video stabilization. 

This is pretty much to be expected of a camera in this price range. If you want to learn more about buying the best camera according to your individual preference, you can check out the Buyer’s Guide at the end of the article. Another thing to mention is that some cameras on this list won’t offer the luxury of a flip screen, so if flip screens are a must for you, look at our article on the best vlogging cameras with a flip screen. You can also navigate across this article through the content table below.

Best Cheap Vlogging Cameras Under 200 at a Glance

If you’re as impatient as I am and have already gone through a lot of articles, you probably want to get to the point pretty quickly. So without any more suspense, here are the top 6 cameras under 200.


Nikon CoolPix S6900 is our number one pick for a number of reasons – not only is it compact, but it also comes with a flip-out screen, intelligent AF, built-in stabilization, a pop-up handle that doubles as a prop, and a unique selfie and video shooting mode which you can read about in the extended review below! This really is one of the best cameras for YouTubers under $200.