6 Buzzy Hotels On My Travel List and What I Would Pack

Next to fashion, travel is my big passion. I like to joke that because I’m a Sagittarius, a sense of wanderlust is in my blood, but whether or not that’s accurate I can’t deny that I’m always aiming to plan a trip somewhere new—and usually far-flung.

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to fly to Mezzatorre in Ischia, a hotel housed in an 16th century watchtower on an island off the coast of Naples. Then, there was the Rosewood in London to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday, with days spent ducking into pubs for Sunday roasts and cheering in the grandstands at rugby matches. I also have a love affair with Paris, a city where I once lived and visit any chance I get, and still treat vintage shopping like a competitive sport any time I’m there. And sometimes, it’s about discovering new destinations that are just a few hours (or just minutes) away from my home in Los Angeles.

That being said, my travel plans have largely been put on hold throughout the pandemic, like so many people, but I’m starting to think again about where I want to visit now. Ahead, see the buzzy hotels on my personal travel list and exactly what I would pack for each destination.

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