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People who are big on fitness can be really fun to shop for. From convenient exercise equipment to new wearable tech and stylish workout gear, there’s so much innovation in the fitness space that there’s never a shortage of gifts to give this holiday season.

If she prefers to work out from the comfort or her own home or needs to get her reps in while traveling, you can’t go wrong with accessories like a standout yoga mat, jump rope or resistance bands. And to help with sore muscles and pain relief, you can gift her that pricey muscle recovery device she’s been eyeing or a meditation pillow to assist her ascendence into a more relaxed state.

No matter how she likes to workout, though, any fitness buff will appreciate a sleek device that helps her track her progress, like the ultra-chic Oura ring, or a fresh set of exercise gear to help her nail her routines with confidence. There are tons of breathable tees, hoodies and sweaters, beauty gifts for post-gym, as well as workout shoes and recovery slides, for outfitting her trips to and from the gym.

Now, all you have to do is think about an area of fitness that she loves — and keep reading to shop the best fitness gifts for her to receive this year.

Adidas Ultraboost Sneakers

Adidas Ultraboosts are one of the best running shoes and gifts to get. That’s because they are quality shoes (and one of the best Adidas shoes on the market), but at $180, might be a little more than she normally spends. Their responsive sole and stretchy upper makes them not only great for running and HIIT workouts but also a stellar shoe for walking, too.

Theragun Elite Massage Gun

Perfect for alleviating post-workout soreness, Theragun’s high-tech massage gun is designed to deliver deep tissue relief. It comes with a variety of attachments for targeting different muscle groups and features various speed settings so she can customize the sensation to her liking.

theragun massage gun

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Alo Muse Ribbed Crop Hoodie

Alo has been popping off the past year thanks to its ultra-cozy offerings. While most items are made for yoga and pilates class, the pieces are so comfortable, she’ll want to wear them round the clock. Alo’s ribbed hoodie is, uh, scientifically proven to make morning workouts easier. At least we think so.


Lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise Crop 23″

Anyone who works out should do so in Lululemon’s Wunder Train tights. Arguably the perfect leggings, they offer just the right among of thickness for comfortable coverage and wick away sweat as soon as it hits. The real treat here is the waistband, though: the high-rise band and flat-laying drawstring means the pants never dig in or fall off.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Lululemon

Blom Headband

Contending with sweaty hair of all types and lengths is a struggle for every fitness person. A cute headband is a small and inexpensive fitness gift to give her but something she can use every time she goes out for a run or heads to hot yoga. It’s super stretchy and stays put all workout long.

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Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

A luxe yoga mat is a stellar fitness gift. This version from Manduka Pro is extra thick, providing dense cushioning on hardwood floors, and features a grip pattern underneath to help keep it stable through all her downward dog and warrior poses. It’s the only one we’ll trust not to slide around in a hot yoga class.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Manduka

Lululemon Take it On Crossbody Pouch

Sometimes, we’re the most unencumbered when heading to the gym — free of a laptop, a day’s worth of snacks or whatever else we’re carrying around. Lululemon’s crossbody pouch takes up next to no room and easily fits her wallet, cellphone, keys and headphones, meaning she’ll never want to take it off.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Lululemon

Apple AirPods (3rd Gen.)

Speaking of headphones that fit inside a tiny bag, there’s still no match for Apple’s AirPods. The newer release is compact, easy to wear and won’t fall out of her ears while she’s working out. If she hasn’t yet committed to the AirPods, a fresh pair is in order.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Airpods

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag

Help her take her workouts up a notch with this Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag, which is a great gift idea for fitness lovers of all kinds. Its spacious enough to hold a change of clothes, shoes and a toiletry bag and features a sweat-wicking neoprene fabric to keep the bag dry and fresh-smelling.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Dagne Dover

Cadence Weekender Bundle

Cadence Weekender Bundle is a smart toiletry system that makes packing for the gym — or any kind of packing for that matter — a breeze. The little containers are designated to hold specific shower and bathroom items, like shampoo and body wash. The best part is that the containers are designed to stack together easily, so she’ll never be trying to shove a bunch of randomly sized bottles into her bag.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Cadence

Therabody RecoveryAir System

Recovery boots are not a small fitness gift, but for a big Christmas or birthday, they make for a very special one. Therabody’s compression boots are one of the most innovative pairs on the market and a favorite of professional fitness instructors and physical therapists. She can control the time and pressure of the compression to cater to her post-workout recovery needs. This is an especially good gift for the woman in your life training for a marathon.

Therabody RecoveryAir System

CREDIT: Courtesy of Therabody

Larq Water Bottle

The greatness of Larq’s self-cleaning water bottle can go with her wherever she goes. Using UV LED technology to keep all her sips and gunk-free, this sleek, compact design is perfect for traveling (and will help her cut back on using plastic water bottles).

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

TRX All-In-One Suspension Training

If she can’t get to the gym to use her favorite equipment, bring the gym to her home with the TRX All-In-One Suspension Training System. The TRX easily anchors to doors, rafters or beams so you she get a workout in regardless of her floor plan.

trx system

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Vitamix 5200 Blender

Fitness is not a gym-only kind of hobby. Pre- and post-workout smoothies are basically a requirement. If you’re gifting her a blender, then gift her the blender: the Vitamix 5200. The investment appliance is one of the only ones that can make that perfect milkshake-like consistency out of blueberries.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Vitamix

Ancient Nutrition Collagen Peptides

Help her branch out into new types of proteins with that post-workout smoothie or really any kind of snack. We love the simplicity of Ancient Nutrition’s collagen peptides, which have just two ingredients: hydrolyzed collagen and fermented membrane collagen. Essentially, it offers all the benefits of protein without any of the hard-to-save additives found in other powders.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Tonal Smart Gym

The woman who’s amped up her at-home fitness routine will likely need a piece of strength training equipment that doesn’t take up too much floor space. Tonal Smart Gym’s main piece — which streams workouts — mounts up on the wall and houses attachments for resistance bands. There are endless workouts for her to try on it.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Tonal

Carbon38 Velour Crop Top

Carbon38’s velour crop top has the softness of a hoodie but the structure of a T-shirt, keeping you ultra-comfortable while making it feel like you’re wearing something substantial over your workout outfit.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Carbon38

Nike Free Metcon 4

Help her clock in extra reps with one of the best Crossfit and resistance training shoes around. Nike’s Free Metcon 4 offers lightweight durability, which is essential in any shoe she wears while doing quick movements or when switching between cardio and strength training routines. Meanwhile, a bit of extra midfoot support is made to enhance lateral stability.

Nekteck Shoulder Massager

If you’re a human person, there’s a high chance your neck and shoulders are always, constantly, forever tense and tight. Nekteck’s Shoulder Massager is the gift to get any fitness lover who doubles down on that tightness with a lot of heavy lifting. It’s like a massage chair without being quite as unsightly and a whole lot easier to fit in an apartment.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Lululemon Double Roller Mini

Make sure she’s giving her muscles the post-workout TLC they need with this travel-sized 2-in-1 roller, which is made with dense foam for optimal support and durability. Its exterior roller is designed to cater to the arms and legs, while the interior roller is better suited to release tension in the back. Plus, its marble design will make for a chic addition to her workout gear.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Lululemon


ClassPass has been a favorite of city dwellers for years when it comes to trying new types of workouts and exploring an area — and she might love it for that alone. But over the pandemic, ClassPass has gotten serious about its digital platform with on-demand videos from top-notch trainers from all over the world.

CREDIT: Courtesy of ClassPass

Degol Jump Rope

If her space won’t accommodate an exercise bike but she still needs to fit in some cardio, a jump rope can help her burn calories while also improving endurance and stamina. This top-rated Amazon find is designed to last thanks to its ball-bearing system, which prevents twisting, winding or bending. Meanwhile, its PVC-coated braided steel wire makes it tear-proof.

amazon jump rope

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Everlane The Perform Legging

Great for low-intensity gym activities as well as long walks and hikes. Everlane’s Perform legging will easily become a staple in her fitness wardrobe. It offers a stable high-waisted fit and feels a little more substantial that an uber-flexy yoga legging without being overly compressive.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Everlane

Softwear Pullover

Every woman needs post-workout gear that doesn’t feel ratty or wears easily. Softwear’s pullover is the way to go. It’s super soft to the touch and stays that way, even after multiple washings. (I’ve had mine for three years and it’s still holding strong.)

CREDIT: Courtesy of Softwear

Carbon38 Cut-Out Jumpsuit

Activewear is a whole market unto itself, and it’s a great place to scout for gifts. We love this Carbon38 jumpsuit for the style-inclined fitness gal who knows that fashion never sleeps, not even at the gym. It’s cool, playful, and ensures she’ll never have to worry about her leggings rolling down and bunching up as she moves.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Carbon38

Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

Maybe she just started boxing classes, or she’s prepping to spar. Either way, any person stepping near a heavy bag or a boxing ring could use a fresh pair of Cleto Reyes gloves. They’re a bit of an investment but pull through on their promise of high-end quality and longevity. She might need a minute to break them in, however once she does, she’ll wonder how she ever lived without them.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Cleto Reyes

Temeaye Dry Brush

Women who love fitness are probably paying good attention to self-care in all aspects. She’s got her workout routine down pat; instead, gift her something that helps her take care of herself outside of the gym, too. Dry brushes, like this Temeaye Dry Brush, is a great way to do it. She can use it before hopping into the shower, on dry skin for exfoliation and increasing blood circulation.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Vertiball Mountable Muscle Massage Ball

Recovery tools are great, but have you ever tried getting the permanent tension in your upper back out by yourself? Not pretty. Vertiball’s mountable massage ball has all the tension-relieving abilities of your good ole lacrosse ball, but without the part where it falls on the floor every three seconds.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Vertiball

Caraa Athena Backpack

Gym bags can be cute — even cute enough to take to the office, if that’s something she needs to do. Designed to withstand frequent wear, Caraa’s Athena backpack is made with a soft sweatshirt material and can be carried like a backpack or crossbody. The inside has all sorts of helpful compartments for staying organized.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Caraa

Gaiam Restore Mini Band Kit

Available in varying sizes and intensities, these durable resistance bands will help her customize her workouts and gain better mobility in the legs, hips, glutes, ankles, calves and thighs.

gaiam resistance bands

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Outdoor Voices Snacks 7/8 Legging

Outdoor Voices has been getting specific about what its items are made for, and these are certainly some hiking leggings we can get on board with. No style is sacrificed here with the easy fit and fun colorways, but these leggings also have plenty of places to store your stuff — like in side pockets and between loop — so you don’t have to carry a bag.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Outdoor Voices

Athleta Momentum Top

One can never have too many Athleta tops for working out (or lounging). The Momentum top is great for running with its snug fit and expertly placed areas of breathability. You can’t go wrong with one in white, or with getting her a new color every time you get her a gift.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Athleta

Vivitest Essential Oil Diffuser

Make sure she’s got a diffuser to go with her essential oils kit. This highly-rated Amazon diffuser offers uninterrupted scent and evenly distributes essential oils throughout the remainder of its run time. In addition to being great for aromatherapy, it will also elevate any bathroom or bedroom with its minimalist and modern design.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Vet

Girlfriend Collective Paloma Sports Bra

Made from recycled water bottles, Girlfriend Collective’s low-impact sports bra isn’t only great for the environment; its longline fit, supportive racerback silhouette and moisture-wicking technology will also help her through whatever workout is on the agenda.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Girlfriend Collective

Sweaty Betty Seamless Long-Sleeve Workout Top

Designed with comfort and flexibility in mind, Sweaty Betty’s seamless knit top won’t ride up or get in the way as you move. Plus, it has thumb holes not only for security but for added warmth when temperatures drop. As an added bonus, its versatile navy color will match any of her workout leggings and sports bras perfectly.

sweaty betty workout top

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Vitruvi Uplift Kit

This collection of energizing essential oils is designed to deliver the perfect pick-me-up whenever she needs it. The kit features Pacific, an outdoorsy basil blend; Boost, an invigorating citrusy blend; Retreat, a warm tropical blend and Clean Sweep, a fresh citrus-spicy blend.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Vitruvi

Maude The Tub Kit

If she loves a good bath, Maude’s tub kit will upgrade her favorite self-care activity with its nourishing and restorative ingredients. Featuring the brand’s best-selling bath salts that promote optimal calmness and relaxation, this set offers an all-around amazing soak.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Brand

Oofos Ooahh Luxe Slides

If recovery shoes aren’t already in her footwear rotation, allow these to be her first. Oofos luxe slides are meant for wearing post-workout to soothe soreness and blunting any additional force to her joints. They’re also podiatrist-approved for keeping feet supported and protected while walking around the house, too.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Oofos

Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress

Outdoor Voices started the exercise dress trend, and there’s no better way for her to participate than with a gift of the OG style. It’s made from the brand’s signature workout fabric that wicks away sweat and fits snugly without ever feeling too tight. It has built-in bike shorts underneath for optimal coverage and support.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Outdoor Voices

Splits59 Naomi Jacket

Splits59’s gear is made for the fashion-forward activewear crowd, and we especially love the layering options for putting together an entire ‘fit. A mix between a sweatshirt, hoodie and jacket, the Naomi style is soft, lays open comfortably and pairs well with just about everything.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Splits59

Gear Beast Cell Phone Holder

Listen, I’ve tried running arm bands, and I hate them. How am I supposed to control my music without looking at the screen, or check the clock to see how much time has passed while I’m moving? Gift the fitness gal who shares similar sentiments a better option: Gear Beast’s cell phone holder, which hugs her phone and attaches it to her hand. No smashed phones, no songs stuck on repeat.

CREDIT: Courtesy

Converse Run Star Hike Sneaker

Sneakers for working out are a necessity, but if she already has some of those, gift her a pair one of the most comfortable shoes she can get to the gym in. Converse came out with a chunky lug-soled sneaker that offers the perfect protection and ease of wear she needs in a commute sneaker, without skimping on style.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Converse

Adidas Sport Beanie

Whether she’s exercising outdoors or just has to face the elements on the way to and from her car, sports beanies are a must. Adidas’ version is super warm but has a small fit, so it doesn’t feel bulky or make her head overheat. She’ll wear this baby all season long.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Adidas

Mission Microfiber Towel

The whole point of working out is to sweat, and that’s something we’d maybe rather not think about while using recycled gym towels. In our opinion, it’s much better that she has her own, like Mission’s microfiber towel. Not your average rag, either, this one features fabric that instantly cools when wet for doubles the relief when wiping off sweat.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Mission

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

For the gal hitting weights before work or who hates washing her hair, the power of a good dry shampoo cannot be underestimated. Amika’s Perk Up dry shampoo is unparalleled. Available in full and mini travel sizes, it’s lightweight but extremely absorbent.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amika

Boxraw Dundee Cargo Pants

Boxraw Dundee Cargo Pants are great for wearing to and from the gym in the winter, when her sweaty leggings cannot bear the brunt of harsh winds. They’re sporty and cool, and she can wear them every day if she pleases.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Boxraw

Living proof Frizz-Free + Smooth Mini Kit

Just because she doesn’t have time to shower back at home doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy her haircare routine in the gym locker room. Get her a gift set of mini favorites for ensuring a good hair day after every sweat session. Living proof’s kit comes with a mini shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and styling treatment.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Living Proof

Calpak Cosmetics Case

Better yet, gift her that set of mini toiletries in one of the best makeup bags. Calpak’s cosmetics case is super roomy and keeps all shower goods in one easy-to-find spot. This one is also great for fitness people who travel a lot and need their toiletries in a TSA-friendly clear case.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Calpak


Whoop is a fitness tracker that sits on the wrist like a hair tie, making it a great piece of wearable tech for those who don’t like their tech to feel heavy when they wear it. It’s great for tracking steps, training days, and sleep.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Whoop

Bombas Performance Running Ankle Sock 3-Pack

Whether she’s in need of a new pair or has yet to invest in some proper workout socks, Bombas makes the best performance styles. This option features the brand’s signature Honeycomb Arch Support System at the midfoot and extra cushioning around the toe and heel for ultimate comfort and durability.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Bombas

Sunday Citizen Crystal Meditation Pillow

Meditation pillows are fabulous gifts for people who are into meditating, trying to get on board with the practice or simply like working from the floor (yes, those exist). Sunday Citizen’s pillow has a sturdy interior but a super soft outside. Not only is it pleasant to sit on but it also doubles as cozy home decor.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Sunday Citizen

BodyPro Smart Cupping Massager

One of the best gifts to give a fitness fiend is time and items dedicated to optimal recovery. For fans of cupping as soreness relief, the Bodypro Smart Cupping Massager is an at-home version. It’s small size makes it easy to do herself—and she’ll save a whole bunch of money in the process.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Bodypro

Oura Ring

As someone who likes the idea of wearable tech but generally not wearing it, this writer was pleasantly surprised by The Oura ring. The compact device looks like a stunning piece of jewelry and pairs with an app that comes out with features and fixes weekly. She’ll love it not only for tracking her steps but also her sleep and overall recovery.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Oura

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