5 Tips for Mixing Gold & Silver Jewelry

Whether you want to work with what you have or treat yourself to a minimalist brand such as Mejuri, Jennifer Fisher, or Laura Lombardi, don’t be afraid to stack separates. Layering jewelry is an art form, and calling on multiple textures and materials is key. Katz recommends sticking to simple, delicate pieces, as layering big, heavy items can quickly look sloppy. She also suggests pairing either yellow gold or rose gold with white gold (it gives a cleaner look than mixing all three). 

For necklaces, choose thin chains with exciting details. Maybe one necklace has a charm, another has a few small diamonds, and another is a simple chain. Experiment with different lengths, but always keep in mind the neckline of your shirt—what works with one top won’t necessarily work with another. 

For your ears, consider pairing a baby gold hoop with a silver one. If you don’t have a second piercing or want to triple stack, add an ear cuff for a similar effect. 

Your wrist stack should center around your watch. Incorporate that piece first and add other bracelets one by one. We suggest connecting with Editorialist YX’s Private Client service, which can source a one-of-a-kind watch for you and your wardrobe.

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