5 Staple Hairstyles To Try This Winter: Why Forte Series Can Get you There

Summer haircuts tend to be extreme: a lot of men either go very long or very short. When winter rolls in, a hairstyle that lands somewhere in the middle is advisable. A little length and texture gives you some protection against the elements, but the most popular styles are also simple to create and not easily swayed by a strong gust of wind.

We’ve picked five go-to styles for the season with the haircare experts at Forte. Below, you’ll find out why they’re trending and how to get them.

1. The Modern Superman

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With Henry Cavill announcing his return to the big blue suit, this winter is a good time to give his take on Clark Kent’s style a try. A genuine superhero cut, it’s a modern classic with a bit of everything: sharp sides, plenty of texture and a polished finish that looks professional in the office and relaxed at the weekend.

How to get it

Superman’s a bit too old-school to get a fade so the contrast between the top and sides of this cut should be subtle. Retain some length and texture at the temples before tapering sharply around the ears and to the hairline.

You’ll need a high-hold clay to keep the style’s volume and just-ruffled-enough finish. Rub a little into your palm before running it through the hair, pushing it up off the forehead and slightly to the side. Floppy quiff optional.

Key product: Forte Control Clay

Forte Series Texture Hair Clay

Softer and creamier than a lot of clays on the market, this product includes shea butter and aloe vera and leaves a textured finish without compromising all-day hold.

2. The Shaggy Mid-Length

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In line with the casual direction of travel in menswear, this style is loose, long and just scruffy enough. In summer, it would be a surfer’s cut but in winter, it’s a little more controlled with natural curls flowing and making your beanie redundant. For some Hollywood-approved inspiration, check out Tom Holland or Timothee Chalamet.

How to get it

Let it grow, but with supervision from a barber. Get the ends trimmed every six weeks and use Forte’s argan oil to protect your hair against the winter climate, while minimizing damage and rogue, flyaway hairs. For length, you’re aiming somewhere between past the ears and before the shoulders.

One of the best things about this style is that styling is easy. Just work a lightweight cream through the hair from root to tip then either brush it into place with a precise parting or use your fingers to create a textured look that Jack Harlow or Harry Styles would be proud of.

Key Product: Forte Styling Cream

Forte Series Styling Cream

This water-based cream gives a buttery texture and a natural-looking finish with just enough hold to keep the winds of winter from ruining your look.

3. The Slickback

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Elvis re-entered the building earlier this year with Austin Butler memorably bringing the King of Rock n Roll – and his hair – to the screen. Update his look for the 2020s with a modern take on the famous pompadour. This is a high-drama but high-hold look for winter, a polished slickback style that has taste and attitude in equal measure.

How to get it

You ideally want at least six inches of hair on the top of your head, brushed straight back from the forehead. For the backs and sides, create contrast by asking your barber for a fade or an undercut.

Like Elvis himself, you’ll need a glossy, strong-hold pomade to make the look stick, but start with Forte’s thickening spray to give you extra volume. Next, work the pomade through your hair then blow dry it backwards into place. The classic pompadour has a high front created by brushing the fringe up and around, but keeping it a little flatter is a more modern way to wear the cut. See House of the Dragon star Matt Smith for styling notes.

Key Product: Forte Pomade

With the wrong pomade in your hands and hair, this cut can look greasy. That won’t be the case with Forte’s pomade, a nourishing, water-based formula that creates a firm, slick look with just the right amount of shine.

4. The Maverick Military Cut

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If you opted for a timeless military cut over the summer, like a high and tight, winter’s the ideal time to let it grow into something more renegade. Look at Tom Cruise in this year’s Top Gun sequel or Ryan Gosling in, well, anything. With a little more length on top, this can be a chameleon cut that you can style in different ways. It’s also a good option for guys with fine or thinning hair.

How to get it

Revisit your barber for a graded clipper finish or fade on the back and sides, but ask them to leave two to four inches on top, depending on how you want to wear it. You can either comb it up off the face and to the side, Ivy League-style, or give yourself a loose, feathery fringe.

Either way, start with a little thickening spray you’ll want a lightweight paste that offers a matte finish and isn’t too sticky. That way you can restyle all day with just a ruffle of the fingers.

Key product: Forte Molding Paste

Lightweight and water-soluble, Forte’s paste gives this cut some texture while also leaving your hair looking thicker and fuller. A great everyday product for all hair types.

5. The Combover

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Often described as a more casual take on the side-parting, the combover sweeps the hair back and to the side. It’s neat without being all business because a distinct parting is optional, but pair it with a fade and a strong-hold product and it becomes a perfect winter look. Just ask David Beckham or Justin Timberlake.

How to get it

Ask your barber for a grade or fade on the back and sides, but leave four to six inches on top. Warm a strong-hold clay in your palm and work it through your hair with a comb brushing it back off the forehead in a diagonal direction.

Key product: Forte Texture Clay

Forte Series Texture Hair Clay

Forte’s signature all-day hold product is perfect for this cut. The style needs to be precise and, in the winter, the clay will also hold it in place against the wind and rain. Made with beeswax, argan oil and other nourishing and natural ingredients, it washes out easily at the end of the day.

Final verdict

Whether you’re looking for something neat and precise or textured and messy, the best winter haircuts are only as good as the styling products you use. Forte’s natural and easy-to-use collection are bathroom cabinet essentials that will keep you on point all the way to spring and beyond.

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