5 Menswear Trends to Keep On Your Radar in 2023

Menswear trends move at a breakneck clip, and keeping up can be a royal headache. So if you’re feeling a little stressed following the fashion circus as it migrates across Europe, we’ve got the cure for your whiplash. 

The latest episode of the GQ Recommends Show dives headfirst into the biggest, brashest swerves we’re itching to make this year, a not-quite-comprehensive list of all the menswear trends piquing our interest right now—along with a handful of brands doing them best. Are these the only things we’re going to wear for the next six months straight? Probably not. But they’re definitely the only things we want to wear this very minute, and if you’re looking for a quick rundown on how to dress like a GQ staffer in 2023 there’s no better place to start.

Peep the full episode here, and then browse a few of our favorite picks below. 

Watch The GQ Recommends Show: 5 Menswear Moves to Make in 2023

1. Leather Pants

Far be it from us to cast aspersions on the stylistic bona fides of a slick suede jacket, but in 2023, why let your torso have all the fun? The leather pants we’re eyeing at the moment aren’t rockstar skinny—they’re a closer relative of capital-D dress trousers than anything your favorite MC swore by a decade ago. Basically, they’re just really cool pants that happen to be made out of leather, and happen to make you feel like a total badass every time you slip them on. 

Ernest W. Baker flare leather pants

Séfr “Londré” faux-leather trouser

2. Crewneck Sweater Vests

A grungy flannel shouldn’t be the only way to plaid up your winter rotation…and a V-neck sweater shouldn’t be the only way to add a little visual intrigue to your flashiest 2023 fits. Yes, the V-neck resurgence is well and truly here, but right now the crewneck—its oft-forgotten sweater vest counterpart—feels a smidge more artful. 

Molly Goddard “Sully” sweater vest

3. Striped Button-Ups

Always thought that the most versatile button-up in your closet was the plain white Oxford? You thought wrong. In the past, we’ve made the case for the not-so-humble blue striped shirt, but this year we refuse to limit our options. The stripes can be thick or thin, mixed or uniform, and the fit should always lean a little more relaxed. Wear one under a suit the next time you head into the office, wear one carelessly over a graphic tee and baggy jeans, but wear one you should. 

Sunflower “Dan” striped cotton-poplin shirt

Alex Mill “Mill” shirt

4. Black Blazers

You want to know what all the leering goons duking it out with Keanu Reeves in the latest John Wick sequel have in common? Laughably ambiguous accents, uniformly sour dispositions, and razor-sharp black blazers. The ones we’re talking about here are strong-shouldered, sizably-lapel-ed joints imbued with a heavy dose of swaggering braggadocio. You could think of them as the sartorial equivalent of a suit of armor, but—spoiler alert!—they’re way better at warding off bad vibes than bullets. 

Celine double-breasted wool and mohair blazer

5. Wooden Clogs

Clogs have been bubbling up in the menswear zeitgeist for a minute. Traditional Swedish footwear brands like Dansko and Troentorp have been making the version of choice for artsy types and café workers for years, favored for their durability, functionality, and, most important, delightful weirdness. But if you’re eager to slip your dogs into a pair with a touch more pizzazz, Gucci—along with countless other highfalutin designer labels—makes a killer option kitted out with its signature horsebit detailing and interlocking monogram. 

Gucci horsebit monogrammed canvas clogs

Sandgrens Swedish handmade wooden clogs

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