5 Burning Questions We Have Heading into Riverdale Season 6

Do you have the same burning Riverdale questions as we here at E! News do? Find out by scrolling through the list below!

What’s with the name change?

The first five episodes of season six are a part of a special event, with the show and its social media accounts rebranded as Rivervale. Even the characters are in on the temporary name change, as Jughead is heard saying in the trailer, “That’s just how things roll in Rivervale.”

Will the early part of season six be an alternate reality? Maybe it has something to do with the curse Cheryl placed at the end of season five? Hopefully we uncover the truth in the new episodes.

How did Betty and Archie survive Hiram’s bomb?

Season five ended with Betty and Archie ready to take their romance to the next level, but before Barchie could consummate their love, the pair found a bomb that was about to go off. The season six trailer shows the pair alive and well…and wanting a baby? So we can’t help but wonder: How did the twosome escape the deadly situation? Sure, Archie and Betty are pretty athletic, but fast enough to outrun a bomb? We’re not so sure.

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