5 Best Hair Wax Sticks for Slicked-Back Buns

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Along with Ugg boots, bleached eyebrows, and crop tops, Bella Hadid has seemingly influenced everyone to try out a super-sleek updo. Did Hadid invent the look? Absolutely not. But still, we can’t seem to get enough. Back in April of 2022, TikToker Arielle Lorre revealed the secret behind many A-listers slicked-back looks: hair wax sticks.

Somewhere between a hair gel, a strong-hold hairspray, and a pomade, wax sticks are essentially hydrating, grippy balms that hairstylists use to as a last step to completely eliminate flyaways and add shine to the hair. It couldn’t be easier: simply uncap the stick and run it over your hair like a deodorant to get that model-esque look. Here, find the five best wax stick you need to for your next updo.

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Best Overall

She is Bomb

Hair Wax Stick


Best For A Budget


Hair Wax Stick


Best For Beginners

Bed Head

Bed Head Hair Stick


Best For Damaged Hair


Anytime Anywhere Recovery Balm


Best For Adding Texture


Dart Pomade Stick

Tatjana Freund is ELLE’s Beauty E-Commerce Writer. She has interviewed countless haircare professionals, and is always testing out new and trending hair treatments.

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