43 Best Vampire Books For Adults & Teens

Welcome the ultimate guide to the best vampire books and vampire book series for adults and YA readers from around the world. You will find here some of the best romantic vampire books, dark vampire book series, new vampire books, and some of the best gothic vampire novels.

Some of these books are filled with tales inspired by folklore and myths. Some of these steamy and bloody books are mainly for adults since they get more than a bit scary and touch serious and in cases triggering subjects. Which is great for those who are looking for deeper and thought-provoking reads.

However, you’ll also find here thrilling vampire graphic novels, mangas, adventurous fantasy vampire books, and fun novels with vampires for teenagers and adults that’ll make you laugh out loud throughout many books.

Get lost in the bloody but entertaining world of eerie vampire novels from all over the world by popular and diverse writers who often embraced not only their imagination but the stories of their own cultures about vampires which made each and every novel even more unique.

These must-read vampire books are perfect for those who are looking for lesser-known vampire books and classic vampire novels just as well as for those who want to read YA vampire books like Twilight that’s filled with romance.

No matter what genre you like to read you’ll find here a new vampire book you won’t be able to put down.

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