32 Shockingly Good Black Friday Fashion Deals in 2022

Black Friday is to me what the Super Bowl is to Bucs fans ever since Tom Brady entered the chat. I wait all year for the day to come, strategizing to no end so that when the sales begin to trickle in, I’m fully prepared to score the best deals. And after six straight hours of online shopping (with only two short breaks to snack on leftovers) and weeks of planning, my shopping list is impressive to say the least.

Given that I already did all that work and successfully pressed purchase on all the items I personally wanted, it only feels right to share the love. Blame it on the holiday spirit or, more likely, “Karma” by Taylor Swift, which played on a loop the entire time I was shopping. Either way, you win. Keep scrolling to see and shop 31 unreal Black Friday finds that had me reaching for my credit card all day. 

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