32 Best Sweat Shorts for Men in 2022: Stylish Shorts from Nike, Champion, Todd Snyder, and More

Hunting for the best men’s sweat shorts to wear outside the house? Just a few years ago, that would’ve been a futile task. Wearing sweat shorts anywhere beyond a 10-foot radius of your couch used to be a sure sign that either: A) you had given up on the idea of style altogether, B) you had recently fathered a child and hadn’t slept in 9 days, or C) you were Adam Sandler at a red carpet premiere. 

Now, though, in our more-casual-than-ever world, there’s no need to make a baby or a movie with Rob Schneider in order to justify your cozy-minded wardrobe choices. Not when brands from Champion to Louis Vuitton is making attractive, totally-acceptable-in-public sweat shorts. Here are the best sweat shorts for men—29 comfy, un-sloppy pairs you can wear just about everywhere short of court dates, job interviews, and weddings.

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