3 Ways women can help their husband get along with their mom after marriage

While women are often pressurized to exert extra efforts to get along well with their mother-in-law, one must not forget that a man’s relationship with his mother-in-law matters as well. Your husband may not live in the same home or city as your parents. However, him having a great relationship with your family ensures that your kids grow up to respect their grandparents all the more. So, as a wife, here are a few ways you can make sure that your husband develops a close bond with your mother.

  1. Encourage him to call her and exchange information

Moms are a treasure trove of knowledge in almost every aspect of life. So, whether it is trouble with a relative, parenting tips or even career advice, encourage your husband to reach out to your mom and ask her advice for things that matter. This exchange of information and life tips will help them build a closer bond.

mother in law bonding

  1. Suggest gifts that he could give her once in a blue moon

One of the hassle-free ways to let someone know you care is to gift them something you know they would love. Have your husband gift your mom something special once in a blue moon. Be it a scented candle, a book she’d love or even gardening instruments.

mother in law

  1. Have your husband visit your mom and offer help

It is not convention for men to visit their in-laws very often in India or even stay for extended periods. However, you can change this for the better. Have your husband visit your mom often and then offer to aid her around the house. It could be anything from setting up new furniture, hanging up a painting or fixing new lights. It will let her know that she has a son she can depend on as if he were her own!

After all, she’s his new mother and it is imperative that he come to care for her as it is a bond that they both would cherish over the years.

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