3 Reasons why Virgo thrives while dating a Taurus

Earth signs of the zodiac have a tendency to get along really well and Taurus and Virgo are not an exception to this rule. Ruled by Mercury, Virgos usually prefer a steady partnership over fleeting flings, while a Taurus has a practical approach to romance. When it comes to their very nature, many might find that they are like two peas in a pod. So today, we delve deeper into the compatibility that they share and reveal the reasons why a Virgo thrives while dating a Taurus.

  1. Virgos are perfectionists and Taurus is open to feedback

Virgo is infamous for being a perfectionist mainly because their constant need for things to go a certain way can be cloying for their partners. However, there are signs in the zodiac that don’t mind this behavior. The amiable Taurus is happy to get feedback from a Virgo partner every so often and willing to accommodate the Virgo’s needs. This pleases the perfectionist and Virgo concedes to compromise in other areas where the bull-headed Taurus can be particularly stubborn.

taurus virgo lovers

  1. Virgos aim to please, while Taurus values partnerships

Love relationships work best in cases where the two partners attempt to please each other and accommodate each other’s emotional needs. Both these signs manage to do this flawlessly as Virgo can be a people pleaser, while the Venus-ruled Taurus truly values partnerships. So, the bull puts in the effort sometimes necessary to make their relationship work.

  1. Both partners are reserved and stall commitment

Romantic relationships tend to break easily when one partner seeks commitment and the other fears offering it. Being on the same page is an important facet of relationships. Virgo and Taurus are well-matched in this area, as they take their time opening up to a new lover. They also stall commitment till they feel comfortable and secure with a partner. Both these signs would be willing to wait till the other feels ready to commit.

virgo and taurus

If you’re a Virgo, then having Taurus as a lover or a friend can be the start of a beautiful relationship, as these signs can’t really go wrong when together.

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