29 Peak Chris Evans Moments

The Boston accent is good, but “I don’t wike it” was perfection.


When he immediately raced home and told his mom after losing his virginity:


When he couldn’t seem to convince anyone that he wasn’t photoshopped into Disneyland:

I promise I’m not photoshopped into these! I just have a very disciplined pose. 🤦🏻‍♂️

(And I don’t know what to do with my hands) https://t.co/oiVadwg3s7

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Chris Evans has actually never been to a red carpet. They just photoshop him in.


When he took this compliment with humility and grace:


When he scared Scarlett Johansson…

….and Elizabeth Olsen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:


When he made this amazing joke about his acting:


When he invented a game called Frozen Blackjack, which involves players pouring ice water down each other’s pants:


When he and Anthony Mackie sneakily did a secret handshake during an interview:


When he saw Chris Pine and this was his first response:


When he picked up a catchphrase from his toddler nephew:


When he knew The Mustache™ was a bad look, but he wore it for the craft:

When his Boston accent slipped out a little bit while talking about The Mustache™:


And when he insisted his Boston accent wasn’t that bad:

Yeah, I can pahk the cah!”

@chrisevans shows off his Boston accent.


Twitter: @GMA

(It’s not that bad. It’s that GOOD.)


When he revealed what he really thinks about being mistaken for other famous Chrises:


When he gave very well-thought-out reasons for why he was like Belle from Beauty and the Beast:


And when he laughed at Anthony Mackie’s joke so hard, he fell out of his seat:


When he saw that Black Panther was about to win the Oscar he was presenting, so he did a little fist pump:


When he knew immediately that he could easily vault 6 feet:


When he started a countdown on Twitter for when he would get to see his dog again:


When he couldn’t handle how cute Mini Thor was:


When he absolutely nailed this line with that Captain America seriousness and authority:


When he called out “Avengers Family Feud” for not being family-friendly:


And when he didn’t even notice Scarlett Johansson stealing his name tag for a very important joke:


When his brother, Scott, revealed the worst prank Chris ever played on him:


When he got way too serious about “Team Flip Cup” with Scott:


When he brought a family member as his date to the Oscars four different times:

Michael Buckner / Getty Images, Ethan Miller / Getty Images, Valerie Macon / AFP via Getty Images, Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

That’s his mom, his two sisters, and his brother.


When he low-key bragged about his extensive Disney knowledge:


When he shared this amazing old headshot with us:

Loving all the birthday wishes!! This is my gift in return

Last of the #TBT headshots

This is the crown jewel

In case you were wondering, yes, that IS a velour, Sean John track suit

It’s amazing I’m even alive given my knack for making the absolute worst decisions imaginable

I mean, just look for yourself:

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