24 Hours With Laverne Cox, From Gratitude Lists to Shopping With Patricia Field

“I’m a New York City girl, we don’t have time,” says Laverne Cox of her morning routine, which begins by making coffee in the most New York way imaginable: microwaving a mug of cold brew taken from a bottle in her fridge. Second on the agenda is something a little more meaningful, however, involving a practice Cox picked up from an old acting coach of hers: She starts her day by writing down five things to be grateful for and five things to be manifesting—and what’s usually the first thing on her gratitude list? Her boyfriend, of course.

Cox also takes us back to the beginning of her moving to New York in 1993, where she “thought [she’d] be a superstar in two or three years tops,” before noting that it would be another 20 years until she had her unforgettable breakout role in Orange Is the New Black as prison inmate Sophia Burset, a trans woman who was incarcerated for credit card fraud (and handily knows her way around a pair of scissors to cut her fellow inmates’ hair). “It will happen on God’s time, not your time,” Cox adds.

Also high on Cox’s agenda is making sure she gives her voice a good workout, stopping in for a session with her singing teacher to run through a few Schubert lieder. Finally, given Cox’s bold red carpet style, there had to be some shopping on the agenda too, as the actress makes a special stop at one of her favorite stores: Patricia Field’s “ArtFashion” gallery on the Lower East Side. Reminiscing about the time she worked at Field’s store “back in the day” alongside Amanda Lepore and an array of New York nightlife, Cox leaves with a very appropriate baseball cap emblazoned with, simply, Vogue. “This is the fantasia!” she exclaims.

Here, join Cox as she takes us through a day in her life, from morning coffee to shopping for the latest fashions.

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