24 Hours of Record Browsing and Ranch Dressing With Dylan Minnette

“The day Wallows went skating on Vogue is the day they were never cool again,” intones Dylan Minnette as he and his band make their way gracefully around an indoor rink. We beg to differ, but okay. The 25-year-old actor and musician doesn’t keep to a strict morning routine, but he’s fond of a morning smoothie—blueberries, frozen banana, spinach, some sort of milk—as he introduces his girlfriend, Lydia, whom he met at a music festival. (True romance!)

After breakfast, it’s time to hit the new location of Amoeba Records, which Minnette describes as “the most iconic record store in Los Angeles.” There, Minnette browses everything from the Talking Heads to the Strokes, explaining how they inspired his own music with his alternative rock band Wallows (which just so happen to stock two of their CDs at Amoeba.) Next, it’s off to quintessential L.A. haunt Swingers, which feeds Minnette’s passion for good diners. There, Minnette discusses his passion for music while tucking into a plate of fries, heavy on the barbecue and ranch dressing.

At the Moonlight Rollerway, a place that’s very significant to Wallows’s success, Minnette reveals a secret to Vogue that you’ll have to watch the video to uncover (but trust us; it’s adorable). Finally, it’s time for rehearsal, because you can’t make it to Carnegie Hall without a little practice, which Minnette illustrates handily as he rocks out with his bandmates. Take a look at the full video above.

Director: Billie JD Porter

Director of Photography: Stephen Tringali
Editor: Evan Allan
Producer: Naomi Nishi
AC: Alex Cason
Audio: Gray Thomas-Sowers
Production Assistants: Nicholle Navarro, Marquis Wooten
Stylist: Blake Hardy
Filmed on Location: Amoeba Music Hollywood, Swingers Diner, and Moonlight Rollerway.
Senior Director, Production Management: Tina Magnuson
Production Manager: Emma Gil
Production Coordinator: Kit Fogarty
Senior Talent Manager: Tara Burke
Post-Production Supervisor: Marco Glinbizzi
VP, Digital Video Programming and Development,Vogue
(English Language): Joe Pickard
Director of Content, Vogue: Rahel Gebreyes
Director, Business Affairs, Music: Jessica Gramuglia
Music Supervisor: Lindsay Capacio

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