22 Best Messenger Bags That Will Carry All Your Necessities—And Then Some

Photographed by Raymond Meier, Vogue, September 2006

The best messenger bags are uniquely steeped in history. This utilitarian satchel’s origins are most closely linked to mail couriers, but it’s evolved into a basic wardrobe staple, carried by men and women who have likely swapped out letters for a laptop. And while messenger bags may hint at nostalgia, there are qualities that make this carryall still feel refreshingly modern.

For starters, a messenger bag is useful for storing your on-the-go belongings—all of them; what they lack in compact size, they make up for in functionality. If you’ve lamented having to choose between bringing your laptop or your current read, the extra space is an innate bonus. Plus, design details like a long strap, pockets, and a flap silhouette lend a subtle sportswear finish. All to say, if your wardrobe is lacking a handbag that delivers on storage and polish, go for a messenger.

Ahead, 22 of the best messenger bag options to consider adding to your repertoire, including a monogrammed classic from Gucci, Prada’s ever-durable ReNylon to Cuyana’s minimalist crossbody.

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