5 home projects to do while you are quarantining

Make a terrarium. Consider adding more plants to your home, says Almonte, whose own pandemic activity has been crocheting. “There is a gardening trend right now back home in Manila, where I’m from,” he says. “Because we are a tropical country, isolated folks have started growing more plants, especially on porches and verandas.” If you can’t do it outdoors, create a terrarium instead. “It’s like building an entire garden in a very, very small scale,” he says, “like creating a miniature world.” Almonte says ferns, moss or succulents are good choices for terrariums. Glass containers such as Mason jars and fish bowls are great holders, or look for interesting vessels at thrift shops. Check out Terrain, where you can get supplies, kits or a fully designed terrarium, and watch a YouTube video for beginners, such as “A Beginners Guide To Making A Terrarium” by Worcester Terrariums. “Taking care of a living thing is very Zen right now,” Almonte says.

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