Should You Try Red Light Therapy At Home? 8 Best Devices to Try

There’s a small but growing list of options today regarding at-home red light therapy devices. For a full-body treatment, there are a host of professional-grade LED beds and panels available for individual purchase, including the LightStim LED Bed and Joov’s The Solo 3.0 Floor Stand. However, the costs for these devices typically range anywhere from $700 to a couple thousand, making them a far greater investment. 

For those interested in red light therapy’s skin-rejuvenating powers, a LED face mask or targeted wand can provide the benefits you’re looking for and at a fraction of the cost. When deciding on which at-home red light therapy device is best for you, experts agree there are a couple of crucial things to consider. In addition to FDA-clearance, Dr. Chwalek recommends taking into account what you’re treating, the light you’re using, and the output of that light. “The frequency and necessary timing of LED therapy is still a subject of a lot of research,” explains Dr. Chwalek. “It’s not always clear what the ideal timing and treatment periodicity is. When using these devices, always follow the manufacturing guidelines regarding use. Since these light devices are not as intense as laser light, the risk of overuse is probably low; however, it is likely that at a certain point, more treatments are not going to result in a better outcome.” 

Dr. Chwalek recommends “LightStim’s devices [for acne and wrinkles], Pulsaderm’s handheld device, the Baby Quasar Pure Rayz Skincare devicereVive’s light therapy panel, and the Omnilux Contour Face Mask. (Omnilux is a leader in the phototherapy market and a leading manufacturer of our office-based treatments).” 

Another one of today’s most popular and highly rated LED face masks is Dr. Gross’s DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro. Inspired by the same medical-grade LED technology used in his office, this ground-breaking FDA-cleared face mask combines acne-clearing blue light with four types of red light (amber, red, deep red, and infrared) so it can target different layers of the skin for the ultimate skin-clearing, anti-aging treatment. By harnessing the energy of 100 red lights and 60 blue lights, Dr. Gross’s hands-free device is clinically proven to help minimize sunspots, age spots, enhance skin tone, and treat fine lines, wrinkles, and acne when used for just three minutes a day. The treatments are quick, effortless, comfortable, and most of all, effective

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